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Andre Rieu Reviews


Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.6 Stars)

Number of reviews: 35



5.0 star rating Jerry Massie from Buffalo, New York


My wife and I drove from Ohio just for this concert, and we had ringside seats -- second row, center. As an experienced concert- goer I knew the sound would not be ideal so close to the stage, yet it was very acceptable overall. It was well worth the slightly diminished sound quality just to see Andre and the orchestra members up close and personal. And, as expected, they were consummate performers -- wonderfully entertaining. As a concert organist myself, I appreciated the quality of the classical repertoire performed. Andre and the JSO are world-class musicians all. Still, as a boomer who grew up on rock n roll and pop music I would have appreciated a bit more regional and culturally- relevant music, such as he played in the encores. Our hotel was one block from the concert venue with incredible views of Canalside. Nice restaurants abounded everywhere. And Buffalo is doing an exceptional job of revitalizing the Canalside and downtown area. We'll be back!

5.0 star rating Holly Marie Filer from Buffalo, New York


The evening was filled with joy from beginning to end. The audience was beaming with happiness all rooted in the celebration of music. This was an evening my beautiful Grandmother and I will cherish forever. We cannot wait for Andre Rieu’s return to Buffalo!

5.0 star rating Lynn from Ottawa, Ontario


What a fun, happy show and even though I don’t like opera, I really appreciated the fantastic voices of all the singers. At the end it got crazy fun and I really felt sorry for the people who left early to beat the exit crowd. They missed the best part! Highly, highly recommended!

5.0 star rating MS MR from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


We have eagerly awaited the return of Andre Rieu to the Philadelphia area! This latest September 21, 2018 concert was completely wonderful--full of fantastic music, excellent soloist singing, exuberant orchestra arrangements, charming humor, and the wise guiding leadership of the maestro, Andre Rieu! Of course people get up and waltz in the aisles, of course there is a bagpipe procession, of course there is a dancing balloon drop, of course there is a flashlight starry sky audience participation event, and of course there are a half dozen encores! After more than 30 years, Andre Rieu continues to amaze and enchant, and lovingly explore all the many genres of music and share them with all of us, his devoted fans. A truly marvelous and memorable experience!

5.0 star rating Jo Nickel from Cedar Falls, IA (Rosemont, IL concert)


Andrea's passion for music as a vessel for people of any age to enjoy classical music and music in general is so well portrayed at his concerts. The world is a better place listening and watching Andrea, his orchestra, and featured vocalists from all over the globe. We are all one, if joy and kindness prevails. Andrea's success is built on his heartfelt attempt to create a world view, not an individual view of relationships. We had a wonderful weekend in Rosemont, IL. Allstate arena, hotel within walking distance to the arena, wonderful restaurants, shopping, friendly staffs, and ease of access to all and downtown Chicago made the weekend a very memorable and uplifting event. Faith, hope and love; these three, and love is the greatest of these. Make love your aim! Andrea does, and it reverberated beautifully throughout the concert.

5.0 star rating David Brenner from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


My first time seeing Andre Reiu live. A wonderful evening. Larger than life. Sound was great. A great variety of music that really surprised me. Dancing in the aisles, incredible solos, great voices.......had it all. Everyone left with a big smile.

5.0 star rating Ginny Reuter from Greenfield, IN


I am a great fan. The music is moving, and the singers are wonderful. This is my second AR concert and will definitely go again. This is a wonderful experience and I left with a happy heart.

5.0 star rating Gary D. from Greenfield, Wisconsin


What a show..Looked like a cast of 60 or more..Everyone dressed attractively..Smiles..laughs...Outstanding music..My first time to see Andre Rieu and his orchestra..Would go again..Also great monologue during the performance by Andre...Finished the concert with waltz dancing in the aisles..Excellent tribute to our American Flag, with :God Bless America"..And a large American Flag in the background, behind his orchestra!

5.0 star rating Stephanie Knepper from Tampa, Florida


So romantic and sweet. Beautiful performance by all. Walked out of there with my head in the stars. Thank you!

5.0 star rating Shell Holsto from Chicago, Illinois/Waxhaw, NC


He was absolutely the greatest and I remember the notes of the violin as remaining in the air and woodwork of that old music hall. He was unknown in the states, but I remember vividly the greatness of that solo performance.

5.0 star rating Tina from Charlotte, NC


This was our first live AR event and it was everything we hoped it would be. Happiness, dancing, beautiful music. Perfection. I could have stayed many more hours

5.0 star rating Charlotte Hutchison from Atlanta, Georgia


This was my first time to see Andre’ Rieu and JSO perform in person and it was even better than I could have imagined! Everything, from the very comfortable venue, to the palpable sense of joy that took hold in the hearts of thousands in attendance, it was a perfectly magical evening. There is nothing quite like beautiful music to heal the heart and soul. Mr. Rieu and the JSO completely understand that and they are very generous to share their God given talents with us! They create pure joy!

5.0 star rating Elaine from Atlanta, Georgia


This was our third Andre Rieu concert and we drove 1000 miles just to see it. As always, it was wonderful in every respect. He leads a perfect balance of music and talk and singing and fun, with the dancing and balloons and snowfall. Andre is truly a "citizen of the world" as he brings everyone together in joy and happiness through his charisma and the beautiful music played by him and his orchestra and his wonderful singers. We cannot wait to see him in Holland someday too!

5.0 star rating Pamela-Lee Rossell from Columbus, Ohio


Absolutely amazing concert at the Schottenstein Center on Thursday night. His orchestra is second to none and the singers are top notch. His music covers not only classical but pop and show tunes and even a Gospel Choir which was awesome! He and the JSO gave you your monies worth and more. If he is ever in your area RUN to go see this very talented musician, you will not regret it. My dream is to attend one of his outdoor concerts in his hometown of Maastricht. 🤞

5.0 star rating James Magay from Boston, Massachusetts


We’ve been watching Andre Rieu for years, seeing the Concert in person was wonderful. Can’t say enough about the venue, TD Garden. The staff and Ticketmaster personnel were amazing. My wife and I are of the age where a iPhone is something to show the latest grandchildren pics. Our tickets are somewhere on our phones but they sorted us out in minutes and had us seated before the music started. The show had everything! I didn’t think it would compare to the edited tv versions but it was fantastic! Loved every minute!

4.0 star rating Terry H from Hoquiam, WA


As to be expected, the performance by this virtuoso was amazing. The music was perfect, the back screen effects were just magnificent. I wish I could say the same thing for the venue. The Tacoma Dome is far below the standards which he has established during his career. I have read other reviews of his show in other locations and that seems to be the general consensus of opinion. The amenities were over-priced and one was not allowed to leave the dome for fresh air during intermission, even though it got a bit stuffy. I highly recommend Andre Rieu, but not the Tacoma Dome. I stayed at the nearby Best Western and it had a lot more class than the venue.

4.0 star rating Susanne Brewer from Ottawa, Ontario


I loved it but was disappointed in some of the content. Too many guest and, although the guests were awesome, I, personally, expected more European content as seen at different venues around the world. Mr. Rieu displays wonderful showmanship and a sense of humour. He is truly likeable.

3.0 star rating TOMCAT from LONG ISLAND NY


While i share Andre;s passion and love of the music which i thought was beautiful.....i also think the chosen repertoire for this venue was inappropriate. if i wanted to see an Opera - tenors - sopranos - and Arias i could have gone to the MET. There are too many more appropriate happier folk songs that are more uplifting than listening to music of another language that i do not understand. this was not a happy concert and something we need desperately

3.0 star rating Mildred Córdova from Orlando, Florida


I must say I was disappointed in yesterdays concert in Orlando. Andre Rieu is great but he hardly played his violin, the repertoire he chose did not include more songs loved in the US from classic movies that we are familiar with and there were too many opera singers. Not what I expected compared to other concerts I have seen. Must give the musicians credit for their performances, they are truly extraordinary. The sound system was not very good. Could not hear clearly vocal speech.

3.0 star rating WDK from Detroit, Michigan


Andre's Detroit' concert is the second one I have attended. I was disappointed because Andre only played one waltz and he had a Detroit singing group on stage for 30 minutes. I had expensive tickets to hear his orchestra play the waltzes that he is known for; not listen to local talent.

3.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


I absolutely love Andre Rieu and his Orchestra, the guest performances not so much. Specifically when the guest performances of opera singing and others became the main event.

3.0 star rating A. Nielsen from Montreal, Quebec


Long time fan, love Andre Rieu and orchestra. The sound quality from his violin, we couldn’t hear it, so I can’t say I heard him play. Enjoyed the atmosphere and his engagement with the crowd. Did not get to hear some of the favourites, I was so hoping to hear them in person. Seems like the European shows have more emotion, connection and heart. My husband said the encores made the show for him, the rest of the show was more blah, disappointed.

3.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


This was my third time seeing André Rieu and this was a disappointment . I can appreciate what they were trying to do with mixing it up with different entertainment but it’s not at all what we signed for . We waited until more that three quarters of the show before he actually played the violin . We didn’t hear many of the classics and pop music he does so well and so beautifully . The gospel music was entertaining but not what I came to this show to hear and there was too much opera ! It wasn’t until the end of the show he played the violin and did some great Music. It was an enjoyable evening , he is a great entertainer but a let down to what we expended …..If you want to see his shows at his best watch his performances on utube in Europe !

3.0 star rating Linda from Milford ,Connecticut


We’ve seen André Rieu twice before and the shows were terrific more than I could ever have hope from beginning to end but this time in Boston was a disappointment ! The best part of the show was the encore ! Andre barely played the violin , there were a Multitude of guests including bag pipers , gospel singers and too much opera singing . The orchestra though was extraordinary and played their heart out !let just say it was entertaining but not at all what I sighed up for !I I got spoiled watching his performances in Europe . They are all phenomenal !

3.0 star rating William Matthew from Detroit, Michigan


This is the second Andre concert I attended in Detroit. In this recent one he only played one waltz. But then he probably did not have time because he had a local singing ensemble be on the stage for 30 minutes. I paid a lot of money for seats to hear Adnre's orchestra not hear local talent; so I was disappointed. (This review most likely will not be approved. )

3.0 star rating from Montreal, Quebec


This was my second time attending an Andre Rieu concert. This time I treated my two daughters to come with me. My daughters are perfectly bilingual and were able to understand Andre as he spoke 99 percent in French. It would have been respectful and welcoming for his audience to address them in both English and French. I truly was disappointed in his chosen repertoire. At times his choice of bagpipe music, opera singers and gospel singers just did not feel what one would expect of an Andre Rieu concert. When next planning to come back to his North American audience Andre should check out his old European concerts. That is what his audience is mostly expecting. After my build up of the type of music to expect the three of us left the Bell Centre somewhat let down.

2.0 star rating Schoolgrape from Montreal, Quebec


This was our third time seeing Andre Rieu in concert and the probably the last time. The show has become a venue for opera and classical musical pieces, It is presented as the Original Strauss Waltz Orchestra and the crowd reaction to the limited pieces were the best received. We did not expect to see a Bagpipe Band on this stage!!!! The sound coming out of Andre Rieu's microphone to the audience was terrible and unclear. In the past performances, his comments were done in English and French but not this time. He spoke 99% in French only.

2.0 star rating Ron Jaenisch from Oakland, California


Ok so he played the Blue Danube but I did not pay $500 to see nearly two hours of OPERA.

2.0 star rating Elizabeth Evans from Las Vegas, Nevada


I saw Andre Rieu in concert with my sisters before and it was a deeply touching experience. Tonight was so different. Too many guest performers and not enough heart. Not one solo from Andre! How can that be. Last concert had bolero and other moving songs. It was so disappointing not to get to the heart. I was in awe last time. This time just disappointment.

2.0 star rating Robert and Diana Souza from Las Vegas, Nevada


Aloha....wife and I was very disappointed that they did not play not one of our 7 favorite songs, not even one....example: 1. Ballad Pour Adeline (pianist Tiffany) 2. Hall 3. La Paloma 4. I Will Follow Him 5. Lara's Theme and Light Cavalry 6. Cilento Lindo 7. Mambo No. 5.....this is our second time attending LV concert and the much Opera singing.

2.0 star rating Hans from Montreal, Quebec


We listen to his Musik at home and expected something similar, instead we got opera, bagpipes and a screaming gospel group. Stick to what you are known for and cater to the audience in front of you.

2.0 star rating RachaelB from Toronto, Ontario


I went to the Andre Rieu show at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on September 24, 2023, with very high expectations, but I was somewhat disappointed. The performance featured more vocalists than I had anticipated. I had hoped to hear him play more waltzes beyond just the Blue Danube. His YouTube videos from European concerts are more captivating and enjoyable than the live concert I attended today. I couldn’t help but wonder if he might consider diversifying his repertoire for North American audiences and include more classical pieces.

1.0 star rating Nigera from Boston, Massachusetts


I was a little disappointed, I was waiting to see a similar concert like he did in European countries. It was more like a choir in church, no joy and no e-motion. It wasn't worth seeing. I keep seeing his beautiful performances in Europe or wherever on YouTube

1.0 star rating LC from Toronto, Ontario


Johann Strauss Orchestra In the past I enjoyed Andre Rieu concerts both in Canada and Europe. Through the years however the overall quality of the repertoire for the venue deteriorated to a point where the concert lost its classical meaning. Particularly the loud singing, wiggling church choir for almost half an hour and other related non-classical pieces shouldn’t be included in the venue. It wasn't worth the money and I'm done with Andre Rieu concerts.

1.0 star rating RB from Toronto, Ontario


Last year attended Andre Rieu’s concert at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. He is brilliant and played the Blue Danube but much of the time of the show, he wasn’t playing rather some vocalists were performing. Had huge expectations looking at the YouTube videos of his European concerts. So, was a bit of a disappointment and was not money’s worth because we wanted to see him playing and not some performance by vocalists.


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